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Christina's Journal

I Suck at Updating...

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12 November 1982
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Once again, it is time for me to update this page. My name is Christina and I am 25 years old. I am still trudging along at Georgia Sate University, I honestly thought I would be out of school by now - but c'est la vie. I’m double majoring in Film and Video Production and Business Marketing. Depending on job prospects, there is a high probability that I will be going to law school (entertainment law) as soon as I graduate. My ultimate goal is to work in the entertainment industry. I really don’t care if I’m working on the production end, or the business end, I just need to work in the industry.

Okay – quick things about me: I’m a girly-girl when it comes to designer clothes, make-up, magazines that are designed to make women feel inept, and especially handbags. However, in addition to being girly, I’m also a total geek when it comes to gadgets and electronics. I love computers, digital video, video editing, new computerized toys, and video games. This makes me “geek-chic” if you will. Walking into my apartment is interesting because the floor is cluttered with an equal assortment of clothing and DVDs. I would have so much more money if I didn’t blow it all on DVDs and clothing/handbags. Seriously. Being an aspiring screenwriter/filmmaker, I have am a self-confessed media/pop culture addict. Entertainment Weekly is my bible (Fortune magazine is a close second) and Seth Cohen is my TV Boyfriend.

There are two devices I could not function without: my iPod (60 GB black video model -- I got my first iPod in September 2002 and keep "upgrading" with every new model series) and my Tivo. That pretty much explains my personality. I'm currently unemployed, still trying to figure out school - but my shrink is trying to help me get a job somewhere "important." Yes - my shrink.

In many ways, I’m the typical college student. I’ve done the roommate thing and now live in a one-bedroom apartment (funded by my parents – thanks Mom and Dad) and I like to bribe my friends to pick me up when I’m bored. I am forced to bribe my friends because I can’t drive. Well, I can drive, but I choose not to so that others can live. I’m in the middle of one of my angst-ridden, ‘where am I going to go after college?’ phases…but I’m sure, like a Dawson’s Creek episode, it will end on an annoyingly positive note. I was in a sorority (I was even a Vice President), but I've taken alumni status - seeing as the whole "graduate on time" thing didn't really work out.

I tend to write A LOT in my entries (was the Bio a clue?). They are primarily for me - but if someone else gets something from them, that genuinely makes me happy.

The last six or seven months have been among the more difficult of my life, so I haven’t been writing as much in my journal. I’m trying to fix that, but I find myself trying to balance along the line of presenting an accurate chronicle of my life, without my entries becoming desolate, depressive rants that will only make me cringe later on. When more and more on my entries are detailing my outrage at reality television than the usual tales of my sordid love life (I’m a total serial dater and I have issues with commitment), it is because I am trying to minimize the potential ranting. Don’t worry drama fans…I still rant…I just don’t want my journal to become one big misery pit.

My more personal entries are Friends Only, so feel free to comment and add me if you want to read more.

Happy reading!

Four years after this was first added to my profile (yeesh), this song is still one of my all time favorites, so I'll keep the lyrics here.

Everybody knows
It hurts to grow up
And everybody does
It's so weird to be back here
Let me tell you what
The years go on and
We're still fighting it, we're still fighting it
And you're so much like me
I'm sorry

Ben Folds -- Still Fighting It
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